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I thought regular readers of this blog might enjoy this video sampler of illustrations and inspirations.

Magic Fish Dreaming now has its own vimeo channel. We’re truly almost ready to go. That kickstarter link is going public soon!

The best way to help with Magic Fish Dreaming is to tell the friends you know will identify with the themes, poetry and illustrations and want to see it happen and read the book.

Why not email them (individually not a mail out), phone them, put up posters at your local library and most of all TELL them.

Social media is inundated with projects,requests, causes and more but I reckon it’s grass roots true supporters with this kind of approach who help make projects like this come true.

The videos as you may have noticed are almost done.

Two more major tasks to go and we are AWAY!

Sure put this project up on social media as that is much appreciated as well, but this is the way I think that things truly happen.

I have some contacts, people never met in real space, who have been so encouraging over the years with my writing and have give me the courage to embark on this project, and I thank you for helping to put out the work however you can.

But even then I think talking in real space to friends about it is still the best initial approach. It’s not about likes, it’s about beyond the like and retweet, it’s about, ‘yes I want that book. I’m going to order it!’

Kickstarter link coming very soon!

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