Pre-PiBoIdMo Day 7: Write Jacket Flap Copy with Dianne de Las Casas (plus a prize!)

A wonderful workshop or personal development exercise – writing a jacket flap! Thanks Dianne. I think the hook especially is so important.

Writing for Kids (While Raising Them)

Author and Storyteller Dianne de Las Casas YouTube Canvaby Dianne de Las Casas

Recently, I taught a picture book workshop to my local SCBWI chapter. One of the exercises I had workshop participants do was to create jacket flap copy (JFC). Normally, the marketing and sales department of your publisher handles writing that short blurb that describes your picture book. So why bother? Here are three compelling reasons why writing jacket flap copy can make you a better author.

1. Know Your Content
Have you ever heard of the elevator pitch? It’s that 30 second “commercial” that allows you to describe your product or service in a concise manner. JFC is exactly that. When people pick up your book, they open it up and read the JFC. That brief description will let them know if the content of the book appeals to them.

Writing your jacket flap copy, even as an exercise, will allow you to truly know…

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