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One of my favourite blogs to visit is Spilling Ink, must get over there more next year. Thanks Ali for sharing your research and thoughts.

Alison Stegert


The Internet–bane and boon of the writer. I am someone know someone who is old enough to remember the days of card catalogues, periodical indexes, and microfiche, so I can speak with complete authority when I say that search engines rock. What used to take days now takes seconds. Nano seconds, even!

Patience used to be the necessary virtue when researching. Now, it’s discernment. Somehow we have to filter the 9.6 million results that took half a second to retrieve.

So Much More Than Google

Google is so yesterday! I’m kidding of course, but don’t think for the moment that Google is the be-all for writers on the Net. Today I’m sharing a few non-search engine web tools I use regularly. I’d love to know yours too!

Nitty Gritty Grammar Tools

Whether you’re a grammar guru or a grammar goof, helpful tools are out there.

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