A Bold New Plan 2016


I have some bold new plans for my blog next year.

After some soul searching I truly know why I want this blog to exist and what I’d like it to achieve.

I am announcing the end of blog tours, although I have truly loved hosting people at the blog and hope you will take the time to leave a comment for the wonderful Karen Tyrrell, and visit any of my visiting writers and stress that this does not mean the end of visitors, far from it.

New directions!  You’ll just have to wait and see.

This year has been a year of working out why I write, who for, and achieving some long held goals.

I’ve met some truly incredible mentors, at work, writing groups, public talks, and in the global cyberspace. I’ve also rediscovered a love of research!

Right now, a new logo is in the works, the kickstarter campaign draws ever closer and I am immersed in the thinking and practical tasks it takes to run your writing life as a small business.  I booked myself into a writing retreat in the Rainforest next year.   Wow so looking forward to that one.

But each day I look for a pool of creativity light, to dive into and create. Lately I’ve been mostly writing haiku and taking photographs as I work on the kickstarter for Magic Fish Dreaming, but I’ve had some writing stints on my other projects and am prioritizing which ones to begin.

I’ve done more reading than I have in years.  As a child, I read ten books a week, so in a way I am back in touch with my childhood reading self as much as my  contemporary writing self.

As I work to tutor university students in ways to bring their own writing to life I have invested in reading all the books they are taking in any course I tutor in – and have discovered some fabulous and innovative writers – as well as some writers whose work I don’t like, but not to say others shouldn’t – it’s more their work is not my cup of tea.

So in this years journey I  have discovered the cup of writing I want to craft and pour into my writing, both on the blog and in life. Self definitions become possible, but not self definitions that limit possibility.

Wishing you well! And for all those hanging out for the Magic Fish Dreaming campaign;  we are getting there, and the friends supporting this behind the scenes are such wonderful and caring individuals. I couldn’t even conceive of doing this without them willing me on.

Finding people who believe in what you attempt to do with your work is better than the discovery of any other kind of riches – it is being rich in creativity, friendship, soulfulness, and life.

May you too find that with your blogging, writing, and relationships with others. And if you haven’t found that yet,find the energy and strength to keep on until you do!

Yours Truly,

June Perkins aka gumbootspearlz aka pearlz

Published by June

Writer, photographer, lover of unity in diversity in thought and humanity - poet by nature, world citizen

6 thoughts on “A Bold New Plan 2016

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    A special thank you to all those joining this poetry space this year. I have some bold new plans for my blogs next year and am looking forward to redefining these spaces.


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