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(c) June Perkins

I love making books for family members.  I have just produced my fifth book.

I think the latest one may end up being for more than family one day due to its themes of cultural transmission and empowerment of young people, but it gave me such  satisfaction to take what I’ve learnt about writing picture books, photographs and a family experience and make it into a special thank you gift.

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(c) June Perkins

These limited edition books are so much fun to make because I can send them to someone who I know will  definitely appreciate and enjoy them.

I often add poems, or a story I may have written for that person, and some like the 50th anniversary book for my husband, were very involved and many others contributed, that was the most ambitious project to date.

Something about making these books for future generations motivates me, and I’ve long since neglected keeping family albums in favour of making story and memory books.

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(c) June Perkins

I realise now sometimes with the photographs I select I don’t need many words to make these books powerful for those they are about.

I remember reading that Anthony Quinn the actor often made gifts for friends and family – unique pieces.   He was a talented artist, actor and writer but is more known for his acting.

What a wonderful thing to do!  And they are especially special gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas.

I don’t know how many more books like this I will manage, but I know that there is always a special reason that each ones comes into being.

I will keep making them as I work on novels, blogs and poems, and perhaps they will be the most precious of the works I leave behind.  Who knows what future generations of my family will make of them but they will convey if nothing else my feeling about the people who were with me through the journey of life.

(c) June Perkins

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7 thoughts on “Family, Focus, Futures

  1. This is a wonderful idea June and an excellent gift for your family. It would be great if you could get it out to a wider audience. There are many people who would be enriched by it. I’d love to know more about the process of making it too and what computer programs you used.


  2. I think I will talk to my printers about the best ways to do these books for the future. I just used a special with Aristan State. The program wasn’t flexible enough with the fonts for the cover, but the interior was great, vibrant, colourful and a beautiful finish. It allowed me to see how I would like the book to look and feel though (a prototype). I am not sure if some sort of grant for multicultural week might help with a book of this sort.


  3. What a great idea to do such a book through a grant. I am sure with your research skills and university experience you will be able to track down something. You probably have experience writing grant submissions too – those things terrify me. Best of luck with it. I think you might well be onto a winner here. 🙂


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