Kickstarter Explained

For those not familiar with the kickstarter platform, it is a form of crowd funding where our project, Magic Fish Dreaming, only goes ahead if we raise the minimum amount for us to cover your rewards and the book, which in this case is $9000 (so far we are at $4800)

If for some reason we are not able to raise funds (which we hope doesn’t happen!) you are not charged anything at all. It is a low risk form of crowd funding.

We know for many of our supporters this may be their first ever kickstarter, and there are a number of platforms out there which can cause confusion.  But the best protection is looking at the track record of those working on the project.  If it is their first project they may not have a track record in kickstarter but they should with any luck have one in the wider community.

In this instance, June has previously produced two books and delivered them as promised to all those who preordered and expected them and  Helene has successfully illustrated three picture books, one of which is already released and available for people to see.

If you want this book to happen please pledge, any amount from $5 and up is welcome.

This is not a charity project, but support to help bring a professionally produced and special project into the world, which does not have access to traditional publishing methods, and in return you receive something for your support, which in most cases is the book and something else of your choosing from the project rewards.

23 days to go!  Check out Magic Fish Dreaming on @Kickstarter

For more also see our earlier posting on the project blog  KICKSTARTER EXPLAINED


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