Gone Writing in the Rainforest


So I’m off for a few days – with a notebook, camera, and other writers.  I am heading into the  rainforest.

My family are staying behind, but will be busy enjoying catching up with some of the extended family and going to an AFL match in Brisbane.

I was so happy this morning as I have steadily been working on my memoir as other projects progress, and have now almost completed writing my childhood to teenage years.  The draft is at 25,000 words.

So far I have a firm focus of looking at the powers that helped me to deal with racism as a child growing up.  The threads in the narrative are beginning to come together in a way that pleases me.

I have a picture book manuscript to do some more work on before sending off to my mentor again, and will take that one  and a few others on retreat with me to refine its ending.

Enjoy your weekend. I am sure I will have plenty to say after returning from the retreat.

Although perhaps I will be too busy writing to say much!







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