Losing the North

Ripple Poetry

4911885093_76562a1c7c_o Licuala palms

I lost your Licuala fan palm once seen everywhere
unless I found it in a special garden collecting
palms from every land and then

I lost your rhythm of heavy rain falling
again and again until the garden was
a lake and the day off work –

that might bring to family rained in
some respite from the demands of everyday life
to just sit and be family in song.

I lost that feeling of catching your
sun rise above the ocean if I felt so inclined or
sunrises above the cane

-across the road

I saw an ibis on a rooftop,
wondered if she dreamed herself with you.

A baby butcher bird adopted my family by the clothesline
sang to them life’s mysteries of
the lost and found.

(c) June Perkins

Prompt 3- Using Line Breaks from Tweetspeak

8279907481_c7d09ff67c_o.jpg Licuala Rainforest – June Perkins

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