The Printing of Magic Fish Dreaming

As this blog goes up, Magic Fish Dreaming is being printed and bound by Fergies, a Brisbane based printer.

We were lucky enough to have permission to have a sneak view of  our book’s printing.

We thank them for hosting our visit to the printing of the book and the immense care they have taken with our project.

Gary, who was working on printing our book, has been doing the job for over 30 years, with 11 at Fergies.  Wow! When you watch the operators at work with the plate and inks it is a job that reminds one of air traffic controllers, so much could go wrong, but their skill makes sure this doesn’t happen.

Richard Tillotson, who has been our liason with Fergies ever since the kickstarter,  was able to answer many questions about the offset printing process, inks (they use soy based inks) and more.  Fergies has won many awards for their environmental management of waste.  They do their best to minimize the impact of their company on the environment.

June with Richard looking over a printed page as it comes off the press

It felt like being in Santa’s workshop, with zippy elf like music being played on the factory floor to help keep the staff alert, as the press runs 24 hours a day and it’s good to have something especially for those night shifts.


Thank you!


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    You can visit the video of our trip to Fergies to see our book being printed on my Pearlz Dreaming blog.


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