Children and Youth at the Magic Fish Dreaming Launch


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Thank to these families for giving permission to share photographs of their delightful children at the Magic Fish Dreaming launch. *

Thanks also to the youth pictured who gave their permission as well. These images were taken by Peter Allert, Heidi Den Ronden, and Jillanne Harrison.

Feedback from some of our Children and Youth Readers

Dear June
I enjoyed Magic Fish Dreaming A-L-O-T. I really enjoyed ‘Brahminy Bravery.’
Where do you get your ideas from? Where did you learn the stories in your
Thank you

Hi, I really enjoyed reading the poetry in Magic Fish Dreaming. It’s a great book you wrote and the illustrations are beautiful.

Thank you June. The book is lovely. My little sister  saw it and wanted to read it.

*We believe we have located every parent of a child pictured here for permission to share the above. If we have missed seeking your permission please let us know and if you need us to we will of course remove the photograph.

No child is identified by name, we were just keen to show the participation and diversity of the families and children attending this event. Our sincere thank you to all who gave permission.

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