Workshop Schedule for Illumine Mini Festival

The program for the Illumine Mini Festival October 6-8 Brisbane, at Magda Community Artz

Be Illumined

Friday October 6th

7.30- 9.30 pm Launch (ticketed event)

Saturday  7th October

(All workshops are ticketed events and have limitations in number based on space)

Mandala  11-12 midday (Temily)  For Families and Children

Mandala 12- 1pm (Temily) For youth and adults

Art and photography Inspired  Poetry 2-3 pm (June), for youth and adults

Sunday 8th October

Painting Tapa  10-12 (Ruha), will confirm age group with Ruha

Art and Photography Inspired Poetry 2-3 pm (June), for youth and adults

Viewing of Exhibition  10-4pm daily but if you want to view quietly

Space free from workshops Saturday 10-11, 1-2 and 3-4

Space free from workshops Sunday  12-2, 3-4

Artists may be available for chats after their workshops.

For queries: 0448682314

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