Ink of Light presenter: Leila Deighton

For the next two weeks I will be featuring short interviews with some Ink of Light Presenters on my blog. Find out their favourite books, motivation for writing, their heroes, and why they write. But it’s no substitute for heading to the Festival to hear from them in person. Leila will be speaking on Saturday the 18th of May.

What is your favourite book?

My favourite book (apart from many Baha’i books) is the No.1 Ladies Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith. McCall’s characters are so true to life and they give me such a warm feeling, and are so easy to love. I love all of his books.     

Who are your heroes?                                                                                                   

It would have to be Precious Ramotswe because; she is so smart;  courageous in starting her Detective Agency because she’s ‘just a woman’; so humble because she doesn’t realize how wonderful she is at all.

What is your main motivation for writing?

Empowering other women, particularly Aboriginal women in Australia.

Share your favourite quote

 ‘Looking back is like looking through a window which is covered with dust; you  can just make out the faces, but nothing is very clear. But then you hear the old stories – the stories you have heard so many times – and suddenly everything comes back.  You are there again, sitting with your aunt outside her house, and it is quiet, and the sky is empty and the sun is on the land.  And you think: I am a lucky person to be here, to be listening to these things that happened in another place, just round the corner, in the days when the animals could speak. And the sadness goes away and your heart is full again.’  ( “The Girl who Married a Lion” Alexander McCall Smith in the foreword ‘A Letter from Mma ramotswe Mma Ramotswe, xiii. )

To meet Leila Deighton head to the Ink of Light Festival, May 18th-19th

After joining the Baha’i Faith in 1960 Leila left Australia to pioneer in New Guinea in 1962; she later worked for the Universal House of Justice, in Haifa, Israel, the World Spiritual and Administrative Headquarters of the Faith. Leila is looking forward to the Ink of Light Festival, both as presenter and participant.

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