Keep your chin up! Go Running with the Wolves…

After a hiatus from the blog and several other things, to make it through my first semester at university, I thought it would be timely to tackle ways to keep your chin up as we head into another snap lock down.

Maybe everyone around you wants to discuss the sorry state of the world’s health, or maybe they just want to forget it all, and are seeming a little uncaring. Ah the balance.

What can we do you think?

I am heading into the following list!

1.If you haven’t watched it yet, watch Wolf Walkers!

And learn the song, ‘Running with the Wolves.’ And even better sing it! IF you want some extension maybe read some Fairy Tales for children or adults, or read some deep stuff, Clarissa’s, Women Who Run with Wolves.

2. Work on that unfinished poem or story!

No time like the present. Pull out your notebooks, or look up old files. If you are feeling inspired by a recent poetry workshop that you may have done online revisit it and do the exercises again.

A variation if you feel a bit isolated, lonely or sad, zoom or email a friend, and collaborate on a poem or song, or something.

Then listen to the song ‘Speechless’ also from Wolf Walkers! And read your work out loud!

3. Precious Pet time

If you have pets, spend time with them. Chatting, comforting them, and being amused by them.

Something about these beloveds that is super for stress relief, plus they don’t talk about the state of the world! If you have a pet bird like we do, you could find out what their favourite music is by playing it and seeing what they sing along to. I love to do this, and our bird loves Adele! And songs with whistling riffs.

4. Board games with house mates, family … pets?

Rediscover the joy of games away from the computer. There are some really interesting ones out there, and don’t forget to ask friends for recommendations.

5. Karoke

Crank up your own versions, youtube has a lot of songs with words on them, and create your family/friend list. For those with a guitarist or musician in the house that can play everything under the sun you can go full round the loungeroom sing along without youtube.

6. Get in that daily exercise

Mask and all, go to the spots you can, within the rules. But in your mind, you’re singing ‘Running with the Wolves’ okay!

7. Create a care pack for friends/ family/ neighbours

Make this from stuff you randomly have around your house, but you just don’t feel the need to hold onto. Maybe on that daily walk you can post it or drop it on the doorstep.

Giving others surprises and joy that makes me happy, maybe that will work for you too.

8. Record a song on your phone

Maybe you made it up, whilst walking. Maybe a melody popped into your head, and you thought let’s be hope walkers! If your friends are organising musical collaborations participate!

9. Book into the vaccination waiting list

And if you feel this is going to be one way you can contribute to the world’s efforts and happy with the research do it.

10. Say some prayers or meditate

And think how this prayer might lead to any caring action. Make a plan to do something positive. It might be super small, but it will bring you a feeling of making a difference.

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