New Pathways Continuing

‘Nature never did betray the heart that loved her’ William Wordsworth

And so it begins again. The new pathway towards becoming more of an educator alongside writer. Another quarter of University and this time I am learning about the Humanities and English curriculum and curriculum in general. Curriculum, pedagogy, assessment! How do we modify them for diversity in classrooms?

But oh how I miss nature, when trapped indoors reading, typing and researching. Have I betrayed her precious trust, in being too much indoors? Does she know she is in my heart?

I could take my laptop and study outdoors I suppose, but she would distract me, and in the time before spring, the Brisbane winds are chilly, and the winds of COVID also blow state after state into lock down. Perhaps the wind is not safe here either.

This semester I am keen to achieve a greater balance, between university studies, my creative writing and other aspects of personal and community life. The break from studies, and two outings for a Picnic and frisbee with friends, and a discussion on Fairytales and folklore, telling and writing stories reminded me how much richness there is in connecting in real space with people!

Last quarter it was about remastering academic essays, report writing and narrated powerpoints. And remembering paragraphing and the elegance of concise and precise sentences! Blogs tend to split paragraphs much more than essays to make it easier to read on screens.

I was also progressing a project, where I am doing a guest editing spot, which is focused on diversity and am giving opportunities to others to be published! So thrilled about this, and more will be revealed!

I had an epiphany over the quarter break that I must escape my desk more for a cup of nature, in terms of a walk in a forest or by a stream and have a little more time with dear friends.

I am thinking of Romantic Poets, like Wordsworth, who would go for long walks, and in times where he was trapped in the urban areas, would think of nature. Nature is so rich nearby to us, both real and imagined. She has such bountiful, green, light, wrens, songs, and surrounded by bush the traffic camouflages itself as waterfalls.

A short drive and there are so many walks around places like Mt Cootha. So will be exploring the mazes of green there in between study breaks. Actually, it makes me study better to go on these explorations.

I find myself looking up into the branches, and spinning with the light. When stress about assessment rises, I am spinning beneath that light, and reminding myself, it is the insights and practice that will arise from education theories that counts.

My blog will be more silent for the next few weeks. Perhaps though photographs of nature escapes for strength may appear. Will they have words to go with them? Maybe only a handful.

Now off to read about Piaget, and Vygotzkgy! Who learnt more from each other than it might seem, on the role of the individual and community in the future of a child.

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Writer, photographer, lover of unity in diversity in thought and humanity - poet by nature, world citizen

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