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Epping, Victoria

Dear Readers,

So it may be a little quiet on my blogs soon, for the holidays have officially come to an end.

This year, I am aiming to face fears, and not let them to turn into bigger walls. Instead I’d like to deconstruct them and climb over them.

I just over one third of the way through my Masters for Teaching, and gearing up for another prac early this year. This quarter I am also sitting my lantite, literacy tests.

Holidays seem to pass so quickly, especially when you have had a very full and busy year.

Most of the family visited my eldest son (his brother couldn’t make it though due to doing summer school for university and then nation wide covid dilemmas for travel, Brisbane is still heading for a COVID19 peak in coming days) in Melbourne and spend some time whilst managing not to return home with COVID19, even though many in our extended family came down with it.

We visited the graveside of my husband’s Dad, who passed away nearly a year ago. I photo documented this and recorded some memories of it on my memoir blog.

I went on a few short walks, including in Melbourne near where our relatives live. We couldn’t go out much in the end due to COVID19.

I managed to read four books which were my own choice, and not set readings. I wished I could have read even more! I am determined to do more free reading this year, even during university study time. It just nurtures my imagination and relieves anxiety and stress.

I relooked at and began to plan the Fred Murray project and remaining research tasks, and which to prioritise.

We established a worm farm, grew some lettuces, cleaned our garden a bit more, and we watched some dramas, movies and programs, such as ‘Being the Ricardos’ , Lupine, and Kim’s Convenience as well continuing to watch ‘The Wire’.

The Wire’ season 3 is the best season so far, with a delving into several ‘social issues’ in a complex and realistic way, but also with some splinters of light, in comparison to the bleaker nature of earlier seasons. It is not a show for the faint hearted, and be warned there are mature viewing moments – this is not one to watch with children. Sometimes I find this show very difficult to watch, but this seasons, whilst still difficult has some poignant moments to ponder on. Bubbles is such an interesting character, who is trying to mentor a young one and overcome his own addictions. In this season he has a lot of dignity.

We’re about to do a massive clean up for the first roadside collection in two years in our area. It will be a time to dig out things we need to rid ourselves of under the house. Not liking to waste things we hold onto them until sure we no longer need them, but some things just haven’t been used in YEARS (time to go). Lately we are learning to divest of things, find good homes, and throw out when no longer able to repair them and reuse.

Finally over these holidays I have reflected a lot on happiness and am endeavouring to be kinder to myself and others than ever before, and find ways to do more kindness even when under a lot of pressure from studies or worried about COVID19.

I haven’t been able to visit or catch up with too many friends in person, but hope I can find ways to gently reach out more over the next few months. We all are so busy, but I want you all to know you are often in my thoughts.

Sometimes I send a random phone text, or email, but I think it needs to be more than that sometimes, and recently I spoke to a childhood friend on the phone after ten years! We had been hoping to meet up but COVID put a stop to that, due to members of both our families being in isolation. It was a wonderful chat though, remembering positives, mostly from our childhood, and seeing how our families are doing as well.

Well that’s all for a while. I have to really focus, but if something thought provoking happens, I will be back! I am planning to share some thoughts on recent events in Tonga, where a tsunami happened and am going to continue as always my writing projects and quests, but if I can one project at a time so I complete more things!

It’s such a relief to know our friends in Tonga are all physically okay, although I know from experience with Yasi, that their recovery process will be ongoing and their communities will be rebuilding.

From my family to yours, all the best with your projects, blogging, studying and community building.

Why not keep on looking for anything shedding light onto your family, or community and celebrate it!

Peace be with you.


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Writer, photographer, lover of unity in diversity in thought and humanity - poet by nature, world citizen

3 thoughts on “Back to studies

  1. Hey there June! It was nice to host you and David and daughter this year. I thought the visit to the cemetery was lovely and special. Good luck for the year ahead! Son Ben is looking forward to his year as well. Love, Helen (mother in law)

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