A meditation

Ripple Poetry

What is this fathomless and
           surging Ocean?
Can you hear it 
          in the flooding rivers and creeks?
                 Brisbane is upturned.

Can you see it 
        in the tears of hiding children 
        in tunnels of Ukraine
A child sings her nation and 
      everyone knows her name 
          for a moment.

Can you touch its life vein
         when tears are thickened
                from all that threatens life?

Surging trouble, deeper, harsher, 
          cutting into skin and bone
                removing every comfort of home 
                 every wall, door, window
                 streetscapes scarred.

Where is this feeling 
       that just nearby are 
               loved ones ?
Sending them letter like prayers
            framed by the eternal postman
can I  wish 
                     take deep breaths ...

                  behold ...
bounty rush closer

(c) June Perkins words and image, inspired by the quotation.

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Published by June

Writer, photographer, lover of unity in diversity in thought and humanity - poet by nature, world citizen

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