Maths and Me

I am reconnecting with maths and brushing up my numeracy.


Compulsory lantite numeracy to be a teacher deems it so.

My attitude to maths was to just do what I need to do with it, with banking, checking my change and that’s it. More than that, well if you pushed me statistics for emphasising points in public talks.

Now to prepare for this test, it’s rediscovering patterns, shapes, sequences, algebra and more.

It’s about learning to ensure I read and interpret data, understand different graph types and what they reveal.

It’s building my maths muscle, through training in solving problems.

Three weeks ago I felt totally overwhelmed by this. Recalling maths from many years ago – was I going to be able to do it, to the point of taking an exam? Why had I neglected to remember the area of a triangle, the volume of a sphere?

The whole thing had me petrified.

However, I came across this video by Arthur Benjamin – and wish he had been my maths teacher in the past. Maybe my relationship with maths would have been lifelong.

For Benjamin, Maths is about:




Inspiration is what will bring it into the realm of a life long love for everyone.

So to make in through my preparation for the Lantite Numeracy I am watching inspirational videos as well as using the materials provided by my university.

Perhaps it is a good thing this reconnection is happening. I am hopeful and determined not only to pass that Lantite Numeracy but connect with the mystery of patterns, and the powers of prediction that can be fostered through mathematics.

Here is some further food for thought.

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3 thoughts on “Maths and Me

  1. I love Arthur Benjamin. He is my mathematical hero. I’m not sure about the correctness of your first infographic. I think it should be ‘little known’ rather than ‘unknown’.


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