Absolutely Everybody Sings

After being stuck at home for weeks due to a few physical health issues that have caused a few tears from the pain, I thoroughly enjoyed the “Absolutely Everybody Sings” concert held at the State Library of Queensland, on Sunday April, 29th.

It featured inspiring performances from two Brisbane “Absolutely Everybody Choirs” whose members selected the songs for their personal significance to inspire their journeys to well being.

Songs, like, ‘It’s Alright’ (The Impressions), ‘The Climb’ (Miley Cyrus), ‘Fragile’ (Sting), ‘Stand’ (Rascal Rats), ‘Across the Universe’ (Beatles), ‘Staring at a Blank Space’ as well as two covers songs from the Guest Artist, Gregory Moore ‘Wings Beneath my Wings’ (Bette Midler) and ‘Bridge over Troubled Waters’ (Simon and Garfunkel).

We began the concert with singing ‘It’s Alright’ together and ended the afternoon with a three part harmony of the whole audience plus the choir and a celebration of one year birthday for the North Brisbane, choir. Melissa Gill did a fabulous job of conducting the choir and the audience throughout the afternoon.

The concert was truly uplifting. It was well worth the effort of a short walk of discomfort to be surrounded by people using the power of music and connection.

Choirs, by meeting regularly provide connection, and the concerts for family, friends and the public represent just a small portion of the value of such projects.

The concert was supported by Queensland Mental Health Commission, and Commissioner, Ivan Frkovic, gave a beautiful speech in support of such projects where music is used to enhance well being. Other supporters include the Queensland Writers Centre, QLD Health, UQ School of Psychology, and Queensland Alliance for Mental Health.

The project includes creative writing, and song writing, and has resulted in two anthologies from participants.

You can find out more about UpBeat Arts HERE

Pictured: Choir Member, Gregory Moore (Guest Artist) , June Perkins (Representing QWC), Cate Vicars (MC); The Choirs, June and David Perkins and June with Susan Gilmartin

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