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In case this is not clear if you wish to reprint any excerpts from this site, or make use of photographs please contact the copyright holder (:  Unless otherwise stated all copyright belongs to Gumbootspearlz/June.  If you want to contact other copyright holders they have provided me with links to their sites.


I have recently found quotes of my work elsewhere and was pleased to see the links back to my site and flattered to be quoted but I’d also appreciate some communication about my works use prior to republication anywhere.  Luckily wordpress also lets you know who is quoting you as I would not have neccessarily known about this link.

If you enjoy reading this site please drop me a line in the comments section on postings so I can see what my readers are enjoying the most.  Like most bloggers  I  appreciate genuine comments on my site. However- I do not appreciate spammers and you will not find your comments making it through on my site.

I am vigilant like many bloggers in this area!!! I only advertise artists, writers, events and people whose work I respect in some way and unsolicted ads posted in the comments section are not appreciated.  They are considered JUNK mail.

Until my next post – keep on blogging and enjoying cyberspace.

Please don’t reblog from this site without asking.


One thought on “Content Copyright

  1. Hi June,
    The Queensland State Library is in the process of capturing websites related to Cyclone Yasi in Queensland and your website has been selected for inclusion in this collection. We would like to request for permission to archive:
    Pearlz dreaming website:
    The State Library of Queensland would like to archive the above website to preserve it for future generations.
    Could you please get in touch with me as I would like to send a permission request to archive your website?
    I notice that you also have articles on the ABC Open website and wonder if you would be interested in giving permission to archive the entries on Cyclone Yasi. I can send a permission request for these as well.
    Kindest Regards
    Gina Tom


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