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Please leave a comment of what you enjoy on this site when you visit, I would really appreciate it.

If you blog on similar topics let me know and if I like your site and maybe we can exchange links.


9 thoughts on “Visitors Book

  1. Pearlz, wow I am amazed at the connections. I had no idea you are an indigenous writer! You visited my Temple Freya blog through SS Vulcania. On another blog, I am hosting an Indigenous Blog Carnival and would love to have you be a part of this conversation as well. You can get details here at my site or email me at Want to hear more!!




  2. Hi Pearlz,
    I am a Baha’i who lives in Grants Pass Oregon. I have been searching for more Children’s class ideas and came across your site. I would like to have access to the children’s class materials, if this is possible. Could you give me a password.
    Many thanks, Anne Sexton


  3. I’ve emailed you, but I will be closing this site eventually and placing all my lesson plans into an ebook probably, so stay in touch and I’ll keep you informed. Those reflections and plays etc have been mounting up and I think it’s time I did a book, or new site just for that purpose.


  4. Yes, do would love to see you in there writing Tara my dear !
    It should be open by Friday if not earlier (:
    we’ll make a blogger of you yet (:


  5. Hi June,
    I have finally had the time to visit your site. You are certainly a very talented person, and I enjoyed reading some of your stories. I will have to come back again. It’s so interesting what you do. I’m not into blogging, all too technical for me. To keep abreast with my work, garden, etc. I have to cut down on the time I spend on my photography, writing and the computer. I will have to check in on you from time to time, when I’m in need of some inspiration or just to see what you up to.Cheers Vera


  6. Lovely to have your visit Vera. I wish I had more time for the garden, we haven’t settled long enough in one space for me to be really able to concentrate on one.
    I concentrate less on the technical aspects of blogging, which don’t take too long to master, and more on creating content and reflecting on life. The great thing is it keeps me writing and photographing all the time. See you next time you pop in.


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