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-By June Perkins - Participants in ABCopen workshop, Moment behind the photograph
-By June Perkins – Participants in ABCopen workshop, Moment behind the photograph

Hi June, and thanks for this post, it raises something that I’ve thought about a lot – why is it that we are so reluctant to accept help? It can be really confronting to accept the help of others, but we all know how great it feels to help someone who’s in need. It seems to me that sometimes the bravest thing we can do is to let people know how we’re going and allow other people to help us – although you’re right, it can be very hard to do for lots of different reasons, and equally uncomfortable to offer help, even when we really want to. You’ve opened up a big topic here June! Thanks for sharing your story.

Cath Dwyer, ABC Open Producer on ‘Ute Angels’ Aftermath ABC open guest blog.

Very insightful and touching June. Thanks for sharing some of the complex and contradictory feelings you and your family experienced. Angels in shorts and T-shirts… love it!

Shelley, Cairns. on ‘Ute Angels’

June, I can feel the joy coming through the screen, you must have all loved this creative experience! Thank you for this post              Monica, Soul Food Blogger

Maintaining the creative impulse most certainly helps us survive the worst of events. This is an inspirational post June.

– Heather Blakey on ‘Hope Roof’ Aftermath ABC open.

A beautiful article, June, you really do get to the “heart” of the matter and you’re blessed to live in such a caring community. After hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans people went in and restored family photographs for some of the inhabitants who had lost everything. It was poignant and heartwarming to see the looks on their faces as they were given back just a bit of their past. It’s so good to read a positive story about decent people. Keep up the great work!

-Porch Sitter,  Soul Food Blogger, on ‘Heart Strands Hidden in the Cassowary Coast’ Aftermath ABC open.

Thank you for this wonderful insight into the strength and struggles of people recovering from Yasi. And so beautifully written! I look forward to reading more of ‘Aftermath’.

-Meg, Book Creator’s Circle and Junk Wave, on ‘Tupperware Houses’ Aftermath ABC open.

June, I’m so pleased you’re working on a series of articles about Yasi. This is a worldwide experience and your insights will bring knowledge to folks who don’t live in cyclone or hurricane zones, as well as comfort and hope to those who’ve experienced the fear and damage. I’ll be looking forward to your next article.

-Barbara Banta on ‘Tupperware Houses’ Aftermath, ABC Open.

Your commitment to documenting the aftermath of Yasi is remarkable. Through your words and images we can gain an understanding the struggles, recovery and resilience, both personally and in your community. With so many natural disasters are happening…I believe our mother earth may be vying for our attention. Thank you June for teaching and showing us how to work and heal together.

-Jani , Photo Journalist and activist, United States, on ‘Tupperware Houses’ Aftermath, ABC Open

You’ve picked a wonderful writer to do these posts. Not only did she experience it all but she writes with heart!

-Tammy  (Agrigirl) United States, on ‘Tupperware Houses’ Aftermath, ABC Open

I can’t stop reading your blog June … you have such a talent .. and a beautiful soul. I’m hooked! It’s like being a kid in a candy store but with a sense of calm. Cx

-Carolyn Bofinger, Teacher and photographer, on ‘Pearlz Dreaming’  blog

Your writing is so beautiful, it comes from the heart and gives comfort to the reader. I wish that everyone in the whole world could read and absorb your written thoughts, and look at and into your amazing images, especially during this season of so many natural disasters. Thank you for sharing your thoughts from the heart.

-Vi, on ‘Pearlz Dreaming’ post.

June – Your touching story of Yasi and the five guitars struck a chord with me. Easy access to good music is high on my list of requirements for quality of life. For the past 30 years or so ABC Classical FM has been a constant in my life at home. I had an aerial attached to the roof to achieve decent reception. Yasi twisted and tossed that aerial to the ground. Late yesterday it was replaced. Today I find myself smiling broadly to the music as I perform the routine tasks.

-Pam Galeano, Children’s Author, on ‘Legend of Five Guitars’, Aftermath, ABC Open.

What a wonderful story June and what inspiration for your children I remember Phil Emmanuel from early Goldrush days and sounds like he is still that genuinely lovely talented human being!

Dijanne, on ‘Legend of Five Guitars’, Aftermath, ABC Open.

This is one post that I wish all people of the world could read, June. There are people like you described that react the same whether it be a cyclone or someone going through infertility. Some of it hurts and is now helpful while some you just want everyone to know how helpful they are. I like the silent angels myself. They do what they do from their hearts without any ulterior motives.

After 911 there were so many in the US who bonded…whether out of fear or whatever. But there were also those who decided to chalk their problems up to anyone Muslim. Our neighbor was Muslim. He hung a flag outside and we neighbours were ready to defend his life if it came to that. The sad thing is that when all is well and done, those that weren’t personally touched by the tragedy (and some who were) have forgotten.

You, my dear June, are an angel. Your intentions are true and heartfelt. I have shared your posts with friends and they were so happy to hear about the cyclone and after effects first hand. Thank you from all of us for sharing your story. It helps us remember that no matter which country we live, we are all the same.

-Sally, on ‘Ute, towel and washing, Angels and; the dark side of cyclones’, Pearlz Dreaming post.

This is so beautiful and so true, June. I loved reading it; it gave me peace and hope. I love heavy metal music, and I love the moments of quiet the musicians offer, like Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters. It is kind of an anthem for me, as I think of my family.
To you and yours, hope and beauty in abundance.

-Gail ‘Angels, Blessings, Sunlight and the Aerodynamics of Optimism’ in ‘Pearlz Dreaming’ post.

Lovely report June. I think the people of Tully can be pleased with their roving reporter 🙂

-Paulien Bats on ‘on ‘A Prince, Cassowary Gift and Handshakes of Optimism’ – Facebook post/Pearlz Dreaming post.

What a beautiful account. Thanks so much, June. I saw you on SBS news briefly. So excited! What a bright hot day, though. Glad there was ice-cream!

– Jo Grimmer- on ‘A Prince, Cassowary Gift and Handshakes of Optimism’ – Facebook post/Pearlz Dreaming post.

I see you writing a syndicated column or something that a number of newspapers (or their on-line equivalents!)

-Paul Gerard, on ‘A Prince, Cassowary Gift and Handshakes of Optimism’ – Facebook post/Pearlz Dreaming post.

Great piece of writing & pics to go with it – can feel the warmth!!

-Noel Broomhall, on ‘A Prince, Cassowary Gift and Handshakes of Optimism’ – Facebook post/Pearlz Dreaming post.

Your words touch my heart. Yesterday a friend taught me a new word “weltschmerz”. It’s a German word that means world sadness. I hear it in your poem. Thank you for expressing it so beautifully.

-Suzanne on ‘Moving beyond the wounds’ Pearlz Dreaming post.

It’s great to have such a strong group of contributors who are so willing to share their experiences with the rest of the country.

Sonya Gee, ABC open producer on Aftermath bloggers on Aftermath ABC open.

You are . . . a tower of wisdom. You have taken from the destruction of a storm the gifts it had to offer, and there were gifts, so well hidden that only a chosen few would discover them. Thank you for this speaking to me/to us from your soul. I was spell bound by your words and the depth of vision they presented.

-Vi on ‘Farewells, meeting old age, lessons of a quail and the wayland song…’ on Pearlz Dreaming post.

To read the work commented on here click on this link      Discovering

Wow! June this is fantastic! What amazing work from both you and Sheridan.

On Discovering, Stephanie, Artist, On Discovering, curator Ontario

Thank you June for this beautiful and generous gift. Will share it with my contacts.

– On Discovering, Joanna, Writer, Australia

Staggeringly beautiful June … such wonderful, wonderful work … thank
you for sharing with us.

– On Discovering, Jill, Textile Artist, United Kingdom

I am at a loss for words. Your images are so beautiful they bring tears to my eyes. It is obvious that you are one with the world that you photograph and write about. Your vision comes from your heart and even deeper than that, your soul. Thank you for sharing your work with us.

I really liked “Palm Fronds”…that was at the beginning. “Fireside Dreams” was so thought provoking and was probably my favorite. But then there was “Mirroring” it represented such delicacy and “Being Birdsong” was really beautiful.

-On Discovering, Vi, Poet, student of digital arts, Arizona

I love the e-book.  Wonderful poems and pictures.  Lovely!

-Jane Pleasant Hill, Louisiana, USA

Beautiful production in total. Wonderful to realize people in Australia share similar values.. Professor Arnold’s insight linking USA’s Rachel Carson and Jeffers from the turn of the century  to 1960’s confirms  a continuing value.. June’s photographic work and poems are exquisite.  On Discovering,  J Webb, medical professions, Sacramento, California

Stunning presentation. Shows nature is powerful. Reminds me of the fires here and how we became strugglers and then gained respect for the power of earthquakes and fires. Also, every parent, school, church that works with children would benefit from this  e-book. Parents being there as children learn and then the child’s work is outstanding as well. A different world, different perspective, shared values.

–     On Discovering Rachel, nurse, Chico, California

Exquisite work – great presentation.  Have looked at it several times. Shared with colleagues.  Very special.

–     On Discovering, Marian, artist, Indianapolis, USA

Your presentation was exceptional, inspirational.

-Letizia de Roza, Book Creator’s Circle, on Talk to BCC.



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