Yuuingan Dhilla Yari 2023

The highlights of the Queensland Indigenous Language’s Symposium held at the State Library Queensland, on 4th of May 2023 were: the Kutaw Zoeru Torres Strait Islander Dance Troupe; learning about the project and policy work of First Languages Australia; and all the afternoon workshops particularly the presentation of Desert Pea Media, on building creative bridgesContinue reading “Yuuingan Dhilla Yari 2023”

Absolutely Everybody Sings

After being stuck at home for weeks due to a few physical health issues that have caused a few tears from the pain, I thoroughly enjoyed the “Absolutely Everybody Sings” concert held at the State Library of Queensland, on Sunday April, 29th. It featured inspiring performances from two Brisbane “Absolutely Everybody Choirs” whose members selectedContinue reading “Absolutely Everybody Sings”

Powerful TedX talks

Chimamanda Nigoze Adichie’s ‘The Danger of a Single Story’ is a wonderful example of how to approach diversity in a public speech, writing, representation and life. Her message – no cultural group, language group, or ethnicity, can be reduced to one story; for if they are this is reductionist and stereotyping. This is limiting andContinue reading “Powerful TedX talks”

Where have I been?

In the last few months I have been connecting with Pasifika Friends, as we carry our cultures in the heart, in the art, and in the soul wherever we go, and connect to families who share that same passion to continue meaningful cultural practices even whilst embracing new homes. I have been hearing stories ofContinue reading “Where have I been?”

Genre Con Opening Night

It was an enthusiastic and joyful opening night last Friday, when the first Genrecon (themed Forbidden Doors) in person for three years, happened in Brisbane on the Terrace of the State Library QLD after having to be online during the pandemic and floods. It included fairy floss, popcorn, sushi, Japanese beer, sandwiches, a back dropContinue reading “Genre Con Opening Night”