Writing Community!

Writing has truly enriched my life.

This year there were a number of panels, with The Australia Fairy Tale Society, Diaspora sisters, joining Vacen, Kathryn and Tasha for second Comic Con panel, as well as a guest panel for social justice, can great writing change the world, hosted by School of Social Work and nursing at the University of Queensland.

I loved the experience of preparing and presenting on the panels, particularly for the AFTS conference, as this was a brilliant conversational and thinking journey that will see future projects.

There was lots of service to the QLD writers centre with management committee meetings every two months, plus subcommittees, and attending wider community events to spread the word and learn more about what others are doing. Particularly the women’s ethnicity network of the ECCQ, who my friend Sharon invited me to attend.

The QLD Writers Centre hosted an amazing genre con dinner, with solving mysteries on the menu and it was a thrill to meet Garth Nix, plus the wonderful end of year Christmas party presenting the Johnno to Tess Rowley, as well as meeting resident writers and alumni. It is brilliant being inspired by other creatives, and hopefully they feel support as well.

I loved catching up with SCBWI friends in person for the first time in a year at least, and making an international workshop on poetry novels.

One day will I make it to picture book publication, or will it be middle grade or YA? I sure hope to progress beyond short stories into a full book.

And the most exciting thing of all, writing is happening… whatever else is going on, although I have slowed the progression of my masters in teaching just a little.

It is good to be having a break from the hustle and bustle of the year, to have a few weeks to read, write and relax! I’ll be having a break from the blog as well.

So see you all in January or February!

Wakanda Forever Immersive Experience part 1

Many thanks to Sharon Orapeleng for the immersive Wakanda Forever Experience 12th November 2022.
What can I say, incredible! Drumming, photography, sports star, family, fashion, literature, song and dance, and community building. More to say but here is a short post to say congratulations and thanks so much for inviting my family to attend.

June perkins

Those were some of informal phone pics, but sharing some more photographs from 100 Hill photography soon.

another blog coming soon!

These two Images courtesy of 100 Hill Photography

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