Introducing a regular segment to my blog, which will cover news and opportunities for diverse peoples particularly in storytelling, poetry and across art forms, inspiration strength based projects, interviews and podcasts. It’s about seeing and recognising who is out there. As well as listening, sharing and caring!

My first post is dedicated to all the women out there, who feel like they have no voice, or no-one is listening. I and many others haven’t forgotten you. This is my poem, I see you.

Story Factory

Story Factory is running this project.

This say, “This a very exciting multilingual public writing project and we want YOU to be a part of it!

In a Flash invites people to write flash fiction (very short stories – less than 100 words) in response to writing by emerging and established Australian authors.

Everyone who submits a story goes into the draw to win one of three $100 gift cards and a selection of writing will be published on our website!

All the prompts have been translated into Arabic, Vietnamese and Mandarin, and you can write in any of these languages or in English.


Follow the link below to view the prompts and submit your writing:…/in_a_flash-big-projects/

You can read some responses from well known Australian authors here:…/in-a-flash/

We can’t wait to read and share your stories.

Submissions are open until December 15, so get writing now, so you don’t miss out!

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body. 

Great to be contributing some writing to inspire others.

Check out Laughter Quartet

Chuffed to be alongside, Eileen Chong, Will Kostakis, Eda Gunaydin, Sara Mansour and Vivian Pham.

In a Flash 是一个 Story Factory 项目,邀请您(是的,您!)成为已发表的作者。您所要做的就是按照写作挑战说明并提交您的作品!向下滚动以查看所有可用的不同写作挑战。这是创造力的快速爆发!保证让您的一天感觉更完整!




Trong nháy mắt là một công trình mà Story Factory mời bạn (đúng rồi, là bạn đấy!) trở thành tác giả xuất bản sách. Tất cả những gì bạn cần làm là thực hiện theo hướng dẫn của thử thách viết văn và gửi bài viết của bạn! Hãy kéo xuống để xem tất cả những thử thách viết hiện có. Đây là một luồng sáng tạo chớp nhoáng! Đảm bảo sẽ làm cho một ngày của bạn trọn vẹn hơn!

Điền vào biểu mẫu dưới đây để gửi bài viết của bạn và chúng tôi sẽ chia sẻ bài viết được chọn trên trang web của chúng tôi.


في ومضة هو مشروع Story Factory، يدعوك (نعم أنت!) لتصبح مُؤلفاً منشوراً. كل ما عليك فعله هو اتباع تعليمات تحدي الكتابة وأرسل كتابتك! اقم بالتمرير إلى أسفل لرؤية جميع تحديات الكتابة المختلفة المُتاحة. إنهُ تفجير سريع للإبداع! مضمون لجعل يومك أكثر اكتمالاً!

أرسل كتاباتك إلينا وسنشارك مجموعة مُختارة على موقعنا.

لا يسعنا الانتظار لقراءة قصتك ومُشاركة كتابتك الرائعة!
عرض موجهات الكتابة

Justice for Cassius

What a week to be studying Understanding Indigenous Education and Perspectives for my masters.

I have been reading on stolen generations, the Northern Territory Intervention, the Bringing Them Home Report and much more, as well as watching powerful documentaries on Gurrumul and Rachel Perkins, The First Australians.

One of the questions we have been looking at are what are the barriers to change and what are the windows to change for Australia’s First Nations people.

Then, in the middle of it all, Racism – a definite still there barrier – rears its ugly insidious prevalence again.

So what are the windows? The windows of seeing what happens now that something like the situation for Cassius and his family.

Going back to study and being a writer, I will be thinking an reading about what education, and teachers and schools, can do to challenge and change such things, and also how much the WHOLE community need to work together to rectify it for the future. I think researched rational writing, emotive make you think writing, creative make you think (creative works), all of it is needed- not to mentions narratives of hope.

As for education, what can it do, if community, families, and more aren’t alongside, as teachers are burdened with more and more of the transformation processes, for which surely we are all responsible.

For all those living with receiving racist constant microaggressions, which can flare into full on attacks, for all those on public transport, in lines, in school yards, who want to speak up and don’t, for all those wanting to bring anti-bias, pro-understanding into their classrooms, stand up and be counted. Don’t be content with a broken heart!

Be the change you want to see in the world, whether bystander, victim, observer, and if you were thinking of being a potential perpetrator, how can we change your heart!

Some things I will be reading (future post on its way with more resource links)

Australian Human Rights Commission

Workplace Cultural Diversity Tool

Also I will go back and look through the materials of Erfan Daleri’s training as well!

Which I started but couldn’t get to weekly at the time

Ancestry as Fossil

It was a fabulous experience to prepare a conversation for the AFTS 2022 conference in Brisbane.

Inspired by the Flesh to Fossil theme, Lauren and I discussed the idea of ancestry as fossil and thinking of our audience not just ourselves from the very beginning, our discussions began.

Through the course of our preparations, we had zoom conversations, which were transformed into a collaborative slide presentation with pertinent images of our own choice.

At the same time I was conversing with Roselle and Sharon, and finding that in Lauren has a deep understanding of many cultures and backgrounds which she is able to respect in the editing process and was equally helpful to bounce ideas off.

Lauren is a true sister of the Diaspora, as an American in an Australian environment, and our conversations were so interesting for both of us. She has learnt to embrace the feelings of ‘otherness’ she sometimes has as an American, and to see what this gives her as a lens to understanding that process which often disempowers the recipient.

We found the conference itself to be so inspiring, and found that there were some unforeseen challenges during the months of preparation which included the loss of friends and relatives.

This led us to reflect on the portal between this life and the next, and the nearness of ancestors, friends and family gone before us, to help us understand and make those journeys, as well as the role of stories in looking at future and past worlds.

It has been an honour to work with dear Lauren, as well as Roselle and Sharon. And to think we have future collaborations in mind, is just the best feeling. You know a team is a fabulous one, when people wish for a continuation of the journey.

Many thanks to the AFTS conference for providing the opportunity for us to share our thoughts on ways forward in the creation of Australian fairy tales – utilising respect and honouring as lenses, to put our processes of research and storytelling through.

Participants in the AFTS Conference, Brisbane, 2022

So inspired by this conversation, and the response of the audience to our storytelling, analytical and emotive compassionate thinking, we feel that we would further like to develop our presentation into a workshop to inspire others to engage with their ancestry as a source of inspiration – a fossil maybe to give flesh to, but more to breathe respectful soul into, where the ancestors will be happy with us.

Diaspora Fairy Tales

It was brilliant to present with Sharon Orapeling (Botswana) and Roselle Tenefrancia (Philippines) at the recent annual Australian Fairy Tale Conference hosted this year in Brisbane. Many more thoughts on this conference to come, but this is a summary highlight of our presentation.

We began by acknowledging the many nations, of Indigenous Australia before it was colonised.

It was extremely moving for us as we shared the process of collecting our stories from family, community and online, and then followed this with a telling of a story each.

Although we personally felt we could not fully do the stories we chose the justice we hoped for in the time we had to prepare and tell (and we did work on this for several months), and saw all the ways to expand and improve our tellings in the future.

Still from the depths of our hearts, we honoured the past, whilst adapting to the present, our now home country Australia and the diaspora we all found within our identities and that of our families and the time limits we had.

We were very heartened by the reception to our journeys, and the seeds of the stories we could share.

We shared that we are really at the beginning of our journey to excavate and more fully develop the performances of the stories we unearthed in preparing for the conference. And the process we were engaged in was also in itself a process of decolonisation, and reclaiming and reconnecting to our cultures.

Each of us shared language, culture, and a specific story that was meaningful. I specifically shared the words and chant from my mother (Maipa Village, Papua New Guinea), from a lullaby she would sing to us when we (my brothers and I) were hanging in a string bag/ bilum wherever was handy when she worked.

The presentations over the weekend from many other wonderful presenters, thinkers, tellers, artists, educators, and performers, arts workers, psychologists sparked many thoughts for us and have inspired us to think what next?

We thanks the AFTS family for giving us the opportunity to present and the audience for your listening.

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