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"I've taken a quick look at the exhibition on the blog and love the gumboots, etc.
Do you mind if I put a link to your blog on the ……. website on the 'Toplinks' page" I also have some friends who I know would love to see it. – Sharon

These are beautiful collages, highly evocative. They sing. – Ingereth

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Archives in the Land introduction

Archives in the Land

Archives are everywhere, in houses and libraries, in personal and public collections but they are also in the imprints we make on the landscape. They are something to pay attention to when we walk. People write history books of their towns so people can see the "places of interest."

The internet also provides archives of places, people and spaces. However there are some stories we are taught to overlook, some memories that may be hidden.

I draw here from the archives of family albums, anthropologists who gave me photographs, and the archive of the landscape around me.

Everywhere the land is shaped by the stories of what we do there, as well as perhaps a great creator as many believe.

Archives in the Land – Exhibition cyberspace

Pearlz has an exhibition under development at Pearlzo Exhibition
Please have an explore and if you feel inspired leave some feedback.
Talking with Trees, is another piece well on the way. Pearlz would like to exhibit these photographs as part of an installation when she has done some more exploration of these themes.In both exhbitions her loves of photography, memory, land as storyteller, nurturing of children and land and poetry are beginning to merge. It marks a new direction in her creative work and she looks forward to your feedback.

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