The Magical Recorder

One day a little kid named Erin brought a new recorder from a shop that was new in the town. When he got home and played it he went to the future.

He found that in the future his family lived out in space on a planet called Zatela! All the children he could see playing in the playground instead of sliding down the slide they bounced off and flew through the air. He thought that looked like fun so he went and did it too.

He smelt future fast food, which was a flavoured tablets. He tied his recorder to his tracksuit pants so it wouldn't fly away. He was hungry. He didn't know what to do next, so he took out his recorder and played it.

Instead of going back into the past he ended up in front of a house. He knew it was his house because there was a picture of a bull eating grass done by his great grandfather.

So he went inside. He saw a toy dog that acted like a real dog. It was barking at him. Then it rubbed its head on him and begged for food. The dog felt real- but when he patted it felt like metal. He played it the recorder.
Then his parents came in and said "Jack it is time for school now"
He wondered who Jack was? Maybe he had changed.

And when he went to school he saw that all the desks were floating around.
He had to grab onto his desk. It was so much fun. His first class was music class. His teacher was Ms Wooding. What do you think he played?

His recorder was safe in his pocket, tied down he wanted to stay in Zatela so he didn't want to play it just in case. He played the drums- but they did not make the sound they usually do. They made the sound of a horse. He played what looked like flute, but it sounded like an elephant.

He found he made friends with an orange robot. But instead of playing ball on the ground they played who can jump the highest and who can fly for the longest.

He wanted to show his new friend the past-so he played a tune that reminded him of home, that his father had taught him- it went like this lalalalalalal and held his hand tight and they went back to the past.

But that is another story.

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