On the Eve!

The conference is soon to begin!

Ripple Poetry

After months of mostly zoom meetings, a couple of weeks ago we gathered in a cafe to reflect upon and celebrate that we are about to host a national conference in Brisbane – in person.

We realised that we had almost reached our goals and felt that it was timely to pause to be thankful, grateful and discuss the reasons we all agreed to do this in the first place – Fairy Tales.

Our passion to understand them, wherever they originate from in time, the world, the fossils of storytelling antiquities and camp fires, brought us together to bring them into flesh – into being, reality, and telling in our families and community.

We filled out thank you cards thoughtfully, colourfully, even poetically.

We connected with some of the presenters and storytellers who have inspired us with their submissions to contribute their knowledge into the conference. They have become friends…

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The AFTS Conference is on its way!

Ripple Poetry

It’s been wonderful working with some fantastic storytellers in the lead up to the Australian Fairy tale Society’s National Conference.


Behind the scenes we yarn.

As we talk, we’re looking for significant moments in our storytelling journeys – and the moments we became entranced by fairy tales and folk tales.

Looking at lineage and diaspora, digging into the past, but seeing it with the eyes of the present, and a sense of the ever present Australian landscape; we are inspired by the mysterious, and hear more clearly perhaps, the songs of homelands, motherlands, and storylands.

I cannot tell you SPOILERS – for we prepare panels, and storytelling for you.

Our conversations will go live, October 1st, 2022, and the stories we unearthed will be shared.

Talking to our families, and communities, we bring them on this journey with us too. Remembering grandmothers…

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Reflections on Working with June

I would say that my first introduction to June was serendipitous, as it was a time when I needed to feel that there are opportunities for writing on diaspora experiences that are not necessarily academic or literary.

Working with June for WQ’s Diaspora edition was very special for me, as she encouraged personal and intimate storytelling.

After this first experience, we have continued to work on another diaspora-focused project that just highlights her beautiful approach to the way we share stories. June is highly organised and very present. I am looking forward to working with her on more projects in the future. 

Tree Planting

A memorable day.

Ripple Poetry

Let's take our souls 
       for a day in the bush

And gather our planters
          in the open spaces
          so they can 'dig'

Let's bring water and trowels
      as signs of care

And when we're done 
     listen to
          the saplings sing

By June Perkins


A planting day with Men of the Trees Queensland and Habitat Brisbane.

Many thanks to all planters and to the Scouts who put on a sausage sizzle for us afterwards.

Remembering Mr Richard St Barbe Barker.

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