Author Anxiety – What Do I Call Myself?

IMAGE CREDIT: AVR Dreamer Creative Commons Lately I’ve been noticing some anxiety among writers about what they should call themselves. There are so many terms now and some of them quite official (especially when applying for grants) – emerging writer, established author, aspiring author, aspiring writer, published writer, published author, unpublished writer. Some don’t wantContinue reading “Author Anxiety – What Do I Call Myself?”

Pearlz Dreaming’s Blogger’s Manifesto

Creative Commons rjacklin1975 After a soul search and reflection on my blogging practice I’ve decided the following: 1- Save all things I am keen to publish in other formats by NOT placing them on my blogs. 2- Blog the process and support materials that assist me to create my memoirs, poetry, books and films (coolContinue reading “Pearlz Dreaming’s Blogger’s Manifesto”

Writers New to Blogging – Handy Tips 1#

Ivanneth Creative Commons So you’re a writer and have started a blog because everyone has told you to do so. Now you’re wondering how to go about it. 1) Pick your theme. With themes it’s a good idea to check what they look like on phone and tablet as well, as some themes translate betterContinue reading “Writers New to Blogging – Handy Tips 1#”

Blog Custodians

Today I’ve been working on a story about a trip I made to Kiribati when I was in my twenties to include in my memoir. I had been thinking about this experience a lot lately and vivid memories of some of the incredible people I met have been resurfacing. I’ve been particularly thinking about howContinue reading “Blog Custodians”