Panacea Poets

A huge thank you to the Queensland Poetry Festival┬áteam for the invitation to be part of Panacea Poets. In Panacea Poets, Queensland Poetry Festival administers a twice-weekly booster of short readings from wonderful poets via their youtube channel. QPF will deliver these soothing doses of poets-in-iso indefinitely. It is such a great honour to beContinue reading “Panacea Poets”

Some Facts on Cultural Diversity Australia (2014)

For more information check out HUMAN RIGHTS AND CULTURAL DIVERSITY   This makes for interesting reading and all the following are based upon studies and surveys.  I particularly like the infographic above which summarises a longer document. Australians identify with more than 270 ancestries. Most new migrants say they feel a strong sense of belongingContinue reading “Some Facts on Cultural Diversity Australia (2014)”