Baha’i Principles – site review

Baha’is will let you know of their Faith, because it is a beautiful gift they should not hide from you. They will tell you or show you more about it if you are interested. People are welcome to attend meetings and to visit the Houses of Worship in places like Sydney, India and Samoa. TodayContinue reading “Baha’i Principles – site review”

Quilting with spirituality

She captures something spiritual; what she does is more than a collage, more than a tapestry, more than a quilt; she goes way beyond the bounds of any decorative sewing craft or textile artwork     Jim Styan            (c) Margo Styan – Image of a quilt – Title Marriage Fortress Margo StyanContinue reading “Quilting with spirituality”

News from Divine Notes – First Baha’i Musical Ebook

Wildfire: Reflections on Music, Drama & Dance By Istvan Dely Juxta Publishing is pleased to announce the publication of its first Baha'i musical e-book. Wildfire is the product of the author's experiences and reflections in the service and teaching fields with a great number of national communities and institutes, raising sensitive issues of the artsContinue reading “News from Divine Notes – First Baha’i Musical Ebook”