Panacea Poets

A huge thank you to the Queensland Poetry Festival team for the invitation to be part of Panacea Poets.

In Panacea Poets, Queensland Poetry Festival administers a twice-weekly booster of short readings from wonderful poets via their youtube channel.

QPF will deliver these soothing doses of poets-in-iso indefinitely.

It is such a great honour to be part of a project to apply the bird of poetry to the experience of the Pandemic, and to maybe inspire listeners to draw on their strengths and optimism.

So many esteemed and inspiring poets – Kirli Saunders, Stuart Barnes, Charmaine Papertalk Green to name just a few, do check out the playlist! I’ll share a few of my faves from time to time!

Here is my reading!


Power of Artists – A Virtual Launching of Poetry Collection Illuminations

Ripple Poetry

On the weekend I officially launched Illuminations – 19 Poems and 1 Story with the wonderful team and a special guest Delia Olam

I held the whole event on line. However, I was able to do one in person interview with my designer Heidi, and my dear husband David helped out on that one.  That was truly lovely!  We caught up in real space!

Me and Heidi!

After a discussion with the production team as well as with a friend who works in media I created a number of short videos that could be watched individually or in sequence. I placed these on facebook ready to go on the day of the launch. I knew it would take quite a while to upload them so I started the day before.

It was a lot of work editing them, as anyone who works with video knows, and especially because I hadn’t…

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Participating in Ridvan is Everywhere

It was so delightful to be part of the You Tube Ridvan is Everywhere Celebrations online.  And a great honour to be the epigrammatic beginning to day 7 with a brand new never before shared poem.  This poem is now being included in the next issue of Tokens.

“The “Is Everywhere” Collective, which brought us this wonderful online Naw-Ruz celebration, is celebrating the Festival of Ridvan! They are excited to provide family-friendly programming for all 12 days of Ridvan and this video features their program celebrating the 7th day of Ridvan.

The Local Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Los Angeles (USA) is sponsoring special program for the 1st, 9th and 12th days of Ridvan but every day in between features videos sharing poetry, storytelling, music, art, dancing, cooking, and crafting—all by friends from across the world! 

You’ll find the playlist for Ridvan Is Everywhere here on YouTube. You can also subscribe to their YouTube channel for updates.”

Cited from Baha’i Blog

International Women’s Day; pen portraits, poetry, posts past

Wishing you a happy International Women’s Day.  Wishing you strength in your quests to empower women.


Weaving Sunset A poem.

Poetry of Mahvash Sabet  A review of a poet rising above her situation of being a religious conscience prisoner.

Empowerment of Women A reflection.

It’s all in the Sidetracks When I first met Jennifer Martiniello.

Aboriginal Women’s Writing An overview of Indigenous Australian Women Writers using the power of writing.

Dreamtime Tea A memory of a friendship with a Japanese Lady in Townsville

Lani Wendt Young Attending a book launch of a Pasifika writer in Brisbane

Purple Tips  A poem.

Mother Made it So A tribute to my Mum.



Launching Bahá’í Chronicles


Three years ago, Neda  Najibi started a series on her Facebook page titled ‘Did You Know?’ portraying stories about Bahá’í Heroes and Heroines. She  did this because she noticed there wasn’t a single online location systematically attempting to capture the heroism, struggles, victories, sacrifices, and  the dedication of  past and present Bahá’ís.

The death of Neda’s father (Nassir Najibi 1925-2013) gave her the impetus to launch Bahá’í Chronicles, to honour the many heroes and heroines, past and present, of the Bahá’í Faith.

She undertook the project to honour the memory of her father and feels he has been her guiding light for the past two years of putting this site together. 

The team that have created the site are: Neda Nassir Najibi, Co-Founder and Editor; Vanda Marie Khadem, Co-Founder. Bahá’í Chronicles intentionally does not make mention of the creators’ collegiate years, career environment or achievements but rather seeks to share the collective Bahá’í goals which resulted in this website. 

What follows is a  short promo video and then a discussion of the project.

June: Neda can you tell us why you decided to create the Bahá’í chronicles web site?

Neda: The website was a culmination of a few things: Firstly for the past 3 years I’ve been posting ‘Did You Know about the Bahá’í faith?’ on my Facebook page and realized there wasn’t one site that had all the stories. Secondly my father died in 2013. He’d always encourage me to promote the Faith, and still is my guiding light, my hero, so this site is in honor of him.

June: What have been the most inspiring aspects of putting together Bahá’í Chronicles?

Neda: It’s been a true journey where each word, each story becomes relived and it’s a great feeling of nourishing memories and sharing such history with the world.

The website is a journey of discovery and inspiration empowering us to realize our rich global legacy through stories of Bahá’í from around the world.

We’re hoping for more contributors. Currently we have Sue Chehrenegar, Ceylan Isgor-Locke, Tara Jabbari, yourself, Joy Goldblatt, Brent Poirer. Also Jonah Winters, Don Calkins, Mary Firdawsi, Candace Hill and Richard Doering have been amazing contributors, doing lots of research and providing material for the site.

June: What have been some of the challenges? For instance how easy has it been to find video and audio?

Neda: This is a continuous project where as soon as videos and audios are found they will be placed on the site.

June: So if anyone out there has more footage they should send it to you?

Neda: Yes if they have the rights to do so we would love to include them.

June: Will the site be an ongoing project?

Neda: Absolutely ! The few hundred stories that will  be on the site hopefully will grow as more people are aware of its existence. We would welcome more contributors and stories from all around the world.

June: Thanks so much for your time and I wish you all the best for the launch this week and for the future of the site.

Anyone wishing to contribute a story of a Bahá’í Hero or Heroine, to Bahá’í Chronicles should contact Neda at

Bahai chronicles logo
Articles should be between 500-1000 words, well referenced, with photographs and interesting hyperlinks.  If you have any audio or film to accompany that would be greatly appreciated.  Neda will send you full guidelines if you have a story for consideration for the site. 
Email HERE  Facebook page HERE
Image at the top features (all of whom are on the site)
Top Row L-R: Mr. Abul Qasim Faizi, Queen Marie of Romania, Mona Mahmudinezhad, King of Western Samoa – Malietoa Tanumafili II, Louis Gregory, Ruhiyyih Khanum, Martha Root
Bottom Row L-R: Mary Maxwell (aka Ruhiyyih Khanum), Mr. Zikrullah Khadem, Robert Turner, Shoghi Effendi, Patricia Locke, Abdul’-Baha in Paris.