Pearlz Dreaming’s Blogger’s Manifesto

Creative Commons rjacklin1975 After a soul search and reflection on my blogging practice I’ve decided the following: 1- Save all things I am keen to publish in other formats by NOT placing them on my blogs. 2- Blog the process and support materials that assist me to create my memoirs, poetry, books and films (coolContinue reading “Pearlz Dreaming’s Blogger’s Manifesto”

5 Thou Shalt Nots of the Writing Craft

Once we have beaten writer’s block, found our stories, and drafted them, then comes the intense process of editing. This is where we put ourselves to the mirror as writers and start to notice the blemishes and strong sides of our writing. Over time there are rules that we learn from editors, teachers, readers, bloggersContinue reading “5 Thou Shalt Nots of the Writing Craft”

Uncaging the Voice, Uplifting the Spirit – the Poetry of Mahvash Sabet

‘We shout as loudly as we can but our voices too are caged/and day after day death is denied as well as aid./No one listens, no one hears this wingless bird.’ (Mahvash Sabet – ‘The Friends’) Mahvash Sabet’s Prison Poems (George Ronald Press, 2013) have been brought to the English speaking world in delicate and skilfulContinue reading “Uncaging the Voice, Uplifting the Spirit – the Poetry of Mahvash Sabet”

Kiribati and Boonah – heart to heart

On the weekend I met some of the people from Kiribati living around the Logan, Boonah area.  They came to give a talk on the plight of their nation, as well as to share their cultural dances at the Boonah World Environment Day Festival.  The focus of the festival was sustainability in community development, promotingContinue reading “Kiribati and Boonah – heart to heart”

More paper please

It was so Dickension – the moment I headed off to the paper supply office at my school. I had gone back into the public system after being in a small alternative school and this was my journey back into the mainstream system. I was on what was called the ‘free list’ which meant ourContinue reading “More paper please”