Living Dreams – Beginning Somewhere

That’s Cricket – June Perkins


To reach a dream, you first have to have one.

For the last three years my youngest has dreamed of playing cricket in a team.

He wants to play for Australia if he can.

Every dream has to start somewhere.

He has begun his in the back yard playing against his much older brother.

He has begun it by studying how players make their movements on the television.



He has learnt the history, the stats, and become an ardent watcher of the cricket.

He went to training when his dad was preparing for the rainforest cup.  He has had numerous family play cricket with him and attended a game in Tasmania.

In the meantime he has played tennis, basketball and worked on his ball skills.

He has played school competitions, but all the time longing for a local cricket competition with a team he can join.

Now finally he can be part of his team sport.   A junior competition has been reestablished in Tully, and dedicated coaches and parents are striving to make it happen.

The spirit of the game is the most important thing, and I loved the first week.  Most importantly the children have a chance to work on their skills, sportsmanship and working towards a bigger dream if they wish.

His enthusiasm has so enriched the family that his older brother, who began playing cricket to train his younger brother for his big dream, is even thinking of joining c grade cricket for the comradeship and perhaps playing home games and mostly going to training.

There are more dreams in my family, and with every dream you begin with those first steps.

Last week we all cheered on my dear son, and all the children living their love of a great game.  Dad helped take the score, and somehow I ended up becoming the teams photographer.   One person’s dream ripples out into the lives of others.


A man, a guitar, country songs: quest for portraits

Bob – By June Perkins
Bob – by June Perkins
Bob – By June Perkins

Bob Elliston asked if I could do some portrait shots for him.  

We met at Song Trails last year, where I was the workshop photographer and fellow songwriter participant.

Bob is the President of the Yungaburra Folk Festival and music has been his lifelong passion.  He has played in several bands and groups.  I think he said six.  He is enjoying pursuing song writing in his ‘retirement.’

Bob’s main request was that he didn’t want anything cheesy, staring down the camera, or too smiley.  But other than that he was really quite flexible.

Going to a photographer can be like going to the hair dresser.  You want to come out looking your best, and it takes a while to trust a new hair dresser.

I approached it just like when I am photographing family. We chatted. I asked him a few things about his life,  grandkids, jobs, musical influences, all the time clicking away and waiting for him to just be totally relaxed and himself.

I liked the backdrop of the cane and it was a slightly cloudy day which gave us some interesting textures to work with.  We had to wait for a bit of shadow though as it was mid morning and quite hot and we had to make sure we took care of Bob’s beloved guitar.  Guitar’s don’t like to be overheated.  Bob loves his guitars so I really wanted a few shots of him with his guitar.

At one stage I was super pleased to photograph Bob with a twinkle in his eye.  I could see the young man enthusiasm for life in him as well.  I truly like the character in his face.

Bob, and his song writing co-partner,  Michelle Walker, recently received a highly commended in a Tamworth Songwriting competition.  It is never too late to pursue your dreams.

Bob left the portrait morning after spending some time chatting about guitars, music and social issues with my son.   He gave us some produce from home – eggs, tomatoes, lemons, oranges and passionfruit.

I am looking forward to more portrait work and continuing to branch out from portraits of family to interesting local artists, musicians, country people, and songwriters.

Bob Elliston – By June Perkins


Discovering Youth Art

Last night a Youth Arts Exhibition opened at Mission Beach community Arts Centre.

These are just a few photographic highlights.

2013-07-12 2013-07-13 001 094
Hayley, Sonya and Sheridan
2013-07-12 2013-07-13 001 100
Young Singers – Buskers doing a gig
2013-07-13 2013-07-13 001 009
2013-07-12 2013-07-13 001 080
Some of the crowd

2013-07-12 2013-07-13 001 019

A wonderful night was had by the over 50 people who attended.
As well as supporting young local artists, the evening gave families of the artists a chance to mingle and meet others from throughout the Cassowary Coast. Visitors from from as far as Townsville came to support the artists and the night, and artists and their families came from Feluga, Mission Beach, Murray Upper and Tully.
The biggest eye capturing piece was a street art sign saying Mission Beach Arts Rocks. This, along with some individual pieces displayed beside it, were made possible through money provided by the Cassowary Coastal council for a street arts workshop. This had a tropical twist to it, through featuring butterflies around the letters.
It did present a challenge to hang, but thankfully this was resolved, and at the conclusion of the exhibition will grace the outside of the gallery to add colour and youthful vitality.
Hayley Gillespie’s workshop resulted in a Discovering Me wall, full of vibrant pieces of portraits, butterflies, ying and yang and a colourful still life.  Hayley came to the opening and selected pieces for encouragement awards.  She commented on how much she enjoyed working with the young artists from the area.
Another school holidays workshop with Sally Moroney led to the inclusion of a wire sculpture of a giraffe made by Matilda, a six year old artist, who recently moved from Victoria to the area with her family.  Sally holds regular workshops for budding artists of the area and encourages them with their work.  She held a preliminary meeting to encourage their participation in the project.  They then put the word out to their friends as well.
A few students from Tully High school put in work, with Sonya, Caitlin and Sheridan all receiving encouragement awards.  Sonya, Judge’s Choice, Caitlin, composition, and wall display, Sheridan.  Each high school artist featured a dragon in her art and all are good friends.
Sonya had striking social commentary in some of her pieces, and a note about how she had obtained bones from animals to construct one.  Caitlin created delightful bird paintings on feathers amongst her three contributions. Sheridan’s mixed media wall had several digital art pieces, as well as a collage and some canvas work.


2013-07-12 2013-07-13 001 072

Other award winners where Shinji for his use of colour, and Georgia for her open and moving artists’ statements.  Vouchers for further art supplies were a welcome reward to the emerging artists.

2013-07-12 2013-07-13 001 062
Matilda and her creation

There are many other noteworthy art pieces including an almost murder mystery trio of pieces.  You’ll need to go have a look at the exhibition to see what they were.  It is open until the 23rd of July.

Young musicians came and shared their instrumental and singing talents whilst attendees feasted on cheese, crackers and a sausage sizzle.  Sally made a discovery a young group of buskers who she invited along to participate in the night.
Ben, an up and coming guitarist, gave his guitar a brilliant and sustained workout; playing, blues, popular and classical to set a beautiful tone for the afternoon/evening.
Sonya gave a heartfelt thank you to Sally for all she does for local artists when arising to accept her award.  Many  parents also thanked her for providing this opportunity for young people from the area.  Hayley Gillespie was thanked for inspiring them as well, and some of the children and youth requested photographs with her.


2013-07-12 2013-07-13 001 097
Young Artist and Hayley

 2013-07-12 2013-07-13 001 011


2013-07-13 2013-07-13 001 003
Chris and daughter, and Sally


Too Simple – Too True

Yes, the poetry quest continues.  This is a trinet a form invented by Zion.  Today I reflected on some radio news concerning the about to be destroyed fruit trees, a tinned fruit company doesn’t need so much and so farmers cannot sell their produce.  We  have enough to feed the world, and yet economics dictates destruction.  I’m not an economist, but the humanist in me sees the world in need of a change.  How can we throw out so much food when so many starve?  Think tank people!

Peach Tree
Jeff Jackson – Flickr Creative Commons

Radio News
On farms
Says fruit trees to be destroyed
The Australian Dollar is too strong
Wasted food
Places starve
Need solution

Fruit Trees
So verdant
So wish we could keep them
We should send to the hungry
Too simple
Too true
If only?

Farmers suffer
Huge losses
Have to rebuild their farms
New crops must soon be found
Economic question
Spiritual solution
Morning Sigh

By June Perkins

Gumboots Festival Time

gallery circle of boots
Gumboots 4 Peace – Circle of Boots – June Perkins

It’s that time of year again when Tully gears up for the Golden Gumboots Festival.

My daughter is considering entering the Golden Gumboot Quest.  We’re not really into quests so how has this happened? In fact, the last time a child of mine entered one was my eldest son as a baby in a shopping centre and we won because he had eyes like me, let me see we won a small sash saying ‘ he looks like his mother.’ I am still not sure how we were roped into that one either.  I think we might have been passing by.

But my daughter, a keen artist, feels a float and an interesting dress for quest night would be loads of fun.  I think we better keep her plans top secret for now. I think the motivation is that we feel the need for a bit of fun, joy and gumboots activity after all the cyclone recovery stuff, time to be silly and just go with the flow.

All we know so far is that she must go to the Grand Parade, be available on the night of the Festival for the announcement of the winner of each Category and that she also has to prepare for a quest night, and have a sponsor. I think I may have already tracked one down.

Now for other helpers – and equipment and more information and some hard work.

Will I survive being Mum to a daughter in a quest? Probably, because it’s primarily for fun, and we’ll fund raise for some worthy cause.

Do we care about the result? I don’t think so.  We just want a float that rocks and I can’t wait to see watching my daughter take to the stage, she seems to like that a bit now she’s a teenager.

Anyone got a ute?