Thankyou – time to vote for people’s choice in the Australian Blog competition

Dear Readers, Thankyou so much awesome readers for nominating me for Best Australian Blog, a competition being run by the Sydney Writer’s Centre, now is the time to head along and vote in the people’s choice awards. So if you like hearing about life in the country, the role of creativity in healing, and whatContinue reading “Thankyou – time to vote for people’s choice in the Australian Blog competition”

Treasure hunts, buggies, and community – a school working bee

Working bees are hard work for parents but often needed and appreciated for those they service.  In this case Murray Upper parents rose early to give the school garden, which has run amuck in the tropics and turned into the secret garden gone troppo, a good trim and tidy.  What a sacrificial way to spendContinue reading “Treasure hunts, buggies, and community – a school working bee”

It’s off to Town I go

Once a week I take our car (we are a one vehicle family and no it’s not the picture above that’s another of my favourite activities looking for pictures in Tully and elsewhere) and head off into Tully or on other adventures.   Here is an account of one typical day in town.  Ironically as IContinue reading “It’s off to Town I go”

State Elections Country Style

Election Day Queensland will be a day for me to remember conversations about Mum’s transitioning back into the work forces, how many creative people live in Murray Upper (potters, artists, and writers) and telling true inspiring tales of my Mum from Papua New Guinea. It will also be a day to remember the enterprising natureContinue reading “State Elections Country Style”