Wonder a Day 21: Country Spirit

There is a mythical place created in Australian TV drama where country people band together in a flood or storm, or meet at the pub or local country show.  City people blow in and upset the equilibrium or finally gain acceptance when they too have been through some drama in the town. In this mythicalContinue reading “Wonder a Day 21: Country Spirit”

Wonder a Day 11: Cricket

Today’s theme the wonders of the great game – cricket! We were blessed to take my youngest to a Pakistan versus Australia game where Ricky Ponting scored 209.  We were on a trip to Tassie to see my parents and youngest who is a cricket fanatic worked out there was a game in Hobart andContinue reading “Wonder a Day 11: Cricket”

Wonder a Day 9: Family

Family are a wonder – something to treasure, nurture and astound. Created from the love of partners attracted together. So different, brought together by destiny to be in one unit hopefully finding unity. Brothers and sisters, parents and kids often don’t choose each other, although in some cases they do as some people find theirContinue reading “Wonder a Day 9: Family”

Wonder a Day 6: Gardens

Gardens are a wonder! I love their variety of flowers, mini bugs, and personality (related to habitat and gardener or farmer).  I was married in a botanical gardens and grew up with a gardening PNG Mum.  She used to grow raspberries, banana passion fruit, corn and sometimes try to get tropical fruits to grow inContinue reading “Wonder a Day 6: Gardens”

Wonder a day 5: Country Life

It was just one of those days you don’t forget.  We went for afternoon tea at the Galeanos and then it was off for a drive around the farm to look for the evidence of crocodile nests. The kids enjoyed being perched on the back of the truck, looking over the top of the caneContinue reading “Wonder a day 5: Country Life”