Beading – Grandmother’s Lessons

Those of you reading my memoir blog will know this week I am fascinated with beading. I’m doing research into beading around the world to deepen poems and short stories I have in progress. How I long to travel to meet beaders the world over, but without the finances at least I can visit themContinue reading “Beading – Grandmother’s Lessons”

Unity Feet

The Unity Feet installation completed during National Poetry Week is reinstalled at the Enviro Centre, C4 Mission Beach. There are many wonderful creations of words and drawings of children reflecting on their virtues and how to care for the world, its animals and natural environment and themselves. This will be on display until December 7thContinue reading “Unity Feet”

Quilting with spirituality

She captures something spiritual; what she does is more than a collage, more than a tapestry, more than a quilt; she goes way beyond the bounds of any decorative sewing craft or textile artwork     Jim Styan            (c) Margo Styan – Image of a quilt – Title Marriage Fortress Margo StyanContinue reading “Quilting with spirituality”