Journeys in Form: Nonet

Sunshine after recently reading my last post encouraged me to do more adventures in poetic form, a great idea really to limbre up my writing muscles. Today I am trying nonets – a 9 line poem starting with 9 syllables on the first line and contracting by one until you end with one syllable. IContinue reading “Journeys in Form: Nonet”

Thinking Toes and Twinkling Readers

Once upon a time my children and I played you-say-a-line-I-say-a-line, stories.  It was amusing, imaginative and kept us all on our thinking toes, although my daughter had a habit of killing lots of our characters until we had created on that she liked. But years have passed and we haven’t played the I say-a-line-you-say a-lineContinue reading “Thinking Toes and Twinkling Readers”

Learning from Writing Signatures

  A signature style lets me know that I‘m reading particular writers’ work. I just know when I’m turning the pages, via paper, or ebook, or scrolling a webpage, that I’m in their company. Their styles may draw on set patterns of a genre (romance, fantasy, crime, young adults etc.), but their writing will stillContinue reading “Learning from Writing Signatures”

Uncaging the Bird Story in 8 – (1)

The bird listens to the song – is calm and quiet, sometimes it even joins in. It may sense a prayer – for it is gentle and still. It sleeps even as the song progresses. Caged bird – if only it was free, but to be free would be to be a pest, to beContinue reading “Uncaging the Bird Story in 8 – (1)”

From Little Seeds Big Trees Grow

I asked my youngest son to plant a dream seed. He said “I want to play cricket in South Africa!” I did not tell him it was an impossible dream instead I said “So what do you need for that- can you draw it for me.” He drew me a cricket bat. Then we yarnedContinue reading “From Little Seeds Big Trees Grow”