Evening Similes

As I continue my poetry quest I know it’s not just about form, but substance. It’s about trying to explain the essence of things, using metaphors and similes. It’s about searching for word images that capture the difficult to explain. Here is another work from Ripple Poetry which is about that quest for deeper meanings. Next to workContinue reading “Evening Similes”

Working the Theme – Different forms same story: Saturday Writing Sagas 6

  Once I wrote mainly poems, but since that time I have learnt that some pieces work so much better as stories. True there are poetic forms that work brilliantly to tell narratives – think Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner.  Ballads are superb for narrative.   Yet I am not a big rhymer – I freelyContinue reading “Working the Theme – Different forms same story: Saturday Writing Sagas 6”

Spine Poems

The Stolen Children our Stories Talking Ink from Ochre Words and Silences Haunted by the Past The Music of the Soul Writing us Mob – new Indigenous Voices Recently I entered our local library’s Spine Book Poetry Competition. This above photograph and words are one of my entries. The library were chuffed with the responseContinue reading “Spine Poems”

An Anti Ode to Tupperware

Recently the Monday online writing sprint group I love to participate in decided to have a writing  challenge about Tupperware. We’d been discussing the directions of our posts within the group, and I quipped “as long as no one tries to sell me tupperware or linen here I’ll be happy.” It was amazing to findContinue reading “An Anti Ode to Tupperware”

By the Beach

I look forward to one day reading my children’s writings of their beach memories. Perhaps our many family photographs will jog their memory, or maybe they will construct their own special memories from within. My children like to do sand paintings, that disappear, with my daughter’s latest being of cat mermaids. My blog is shortContinue reading “By the Beach”