Playing with Words in Wordle – Reimagining a poem

It’s been a long time since I looked at wordle, but just today I was thinking about how to have a graphic for a post that is not a photograph but creative and remembered wordle. I began playing around with a poem and made an interesting discovery.  The word jumbles were so interesting they couldContinue reading “Playing with Words in Wordle – Reimagining a poem”

All you need is love: and a video camera

Okay so I became a little excited today when I logged into facebook and found in my feed a Soul Pancake video project to LOVE;  all about the way LOVE looks the world over. Due by September 14th and with a total openess about the theme (with a few safety guidelines to make it suitableContinue reading “All you need is love: and a video camera”

Project Focus 1: Learning to Finish Things

There is so much going on in my creativity plans that I have to learn to FOCUS.  As if fate was taking a hand in this epiphany a friend posted a novel writing template today and encouraged people to finish their projects with it or any other PLAN.  I feel this is the perfect timeContinue reading “Project Focus 1: Learning to Finish Things”

Playing Robin Hood

To play, to dream, to collaborate – the collage above involved all these three things, and was a result of my son’s brilliant idea to play Robin Hood and have me photograph him. Today he is away on a camp for leaders, and no there is no archery set with him, but he is goingContinue reading “Playing Robin Hood”

Filming with Sensitivity: The Sacred Space of Healing through Dance

It was just so rewarding and exciting to assist my friend Danielle Wilson by filming behind the scenes of her project Dance for Recovery.  She was supported in her vision by two community arts workers,  Avril Duck and Melissa Robertson working for Connecting Community Voices, ISAY project, funded by Far North Queensland Volunteers inc, and severalContinue reading “Filming with Sensitivity: The Sacred Space of Healing through Dance”