Wonder a Day 1: Archery Dream

Archery (c) June Perkins I’ve decided that each month I will set myself a blog challenge.  My readers are welcome to join in and post their links under posts. January 2012 blog challenge: a photo a day (from January 4th) and something to wonder about a day. I wonder why do people take up certainContinue reading “Wonder a Day 1: Archery Dream”

Follow the Road to your Dreams

I love those inspiring affirmations people share on facebook and in beautifully made art cards. They mean much more to me than arbitrary zodiac readings. They are popular amongst many of my friends to post on, share or like.  They seem less artificial than some status statements. Perhaps in passing them on we know someoneContinue reading “Follow the Road to your Dreams”


Where do you find the happiness buzz?  Where do you find words and images to express this? I ask myself this when I am having days that seem challenging. I know that there are people both worse off and better off.  Nothing is gained by comparisons of guilt, privilege or pity.  Riches come and go,Continue reading “Happiness”


Some of my Determined Family. Determination has helped me go to the top of a tall building in Melbourne and not worry about the height. The reward – photo opportunities of the Melbourne vista, including the MCG. Determination has helped me find optimistic people and spend time with them instead of remaining too wrapped upContinue reading “Determination”