Sacred Country Unwrapped

11th February to 25th of March 2007 Congratulations to Jenni and Kerry who have an upcoming exhibition. As usual the tyranny of distance means I can’t make it to the opening but there is no reason some people reading this blog can’t make it. Sacred Country Unwrapped an exhibition of photography at the Collector Gallery,Continue reading “Sacred Country Unwrapped”

Inheriting My Grandmothers Gardens – Jenni Martiniello

This work is included here courtesy of Jennifer Martiniello, a fabulous writer and artist.  Many of her works incorporate image and text.  She works on fabric, ceramic, wall, and paper.She will soon let me know of a website where you can puchase her work.  Last time we met she was in the process of havingContinue reading “Inheriting My Grandmothers Gardens – Jenni Martiniello”

Conversations with Creative Souls 1

(Image Mark Perry in On the Rooftop with Bill Sears)   Mark Perry on Drama Circles The other big thing is the “Drama Circle”—a course that combines theater training with spiritual principles as enunciated in the Bahá’í writings. We’re working now with junior youth, and the results so far are very promising. The name “DramaContinue reading “Conversations with Creative Souls 1”

News from Divine Notes – First Baha’i Musical Ebook

Wildfire: Reflections on Music, Drama & Dance By Istvan Dely Juxta Publishing is pleased to announce the publication of its first Baha'i musical e-book. Wildfire is the product of the author's experiences and reflections in the service and teaching fields with a great number of national communities and institutes, raising sensitive issues of the artsContinue reading “News from Divine Notes – First Baha’i Musical Ebook”