Yasi – our story one of many

What is it like to go through a category 5 cyclone?  I never thought I would know the answer to this question and that I would, along with my family and many other cassowary coasters, experience the strength of the wind in a house that shook as if it was Dorothy’s in the story ofContinue reading “Yasi – our story one of many”

Cyclone Yasi 1.40 So it Begins…

The rain and wind are picking up. You can hear a slightly increasing wind. It quietens and then gusts again. The guinea pigs are asleep dear ones. Youngest is watching cricket with his Dad as the power is still on. We have listened to Anna Bligh’s speeches and inarticulate teary people at evacuation centres. SitContinue reading “Cyclone Yasi 1.40 So it Begins…”