Launch of At the End of Holyrood Lane

Following the Crow Song

Brisbane Square Library, Sunday 24th September.

It was a very special launch of a delicate book about a difficult subject.

At the End of Holyrood Lane is a book intended to open the conversations about domestic violence and the fear it causes for children and the hope that change can begin when help is sought, written by Dimity Powell and illustrated by Nicky Johnston.

I enjoy conversations with Dimity about what a picture book can potentially do for people of any age.  Dimity is a bubbly and cheerful person, who is able to deal optimistically but also poetically with such a difficult topic.

Dimity Powell’s friends, family and the organisations endorsing the book, the kids lit community and people who already are big fans of her work, as well as people from the wider communi8ty were out in force at this event.  In all the hub bub, she had time…

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Brisbane’s Hogswatch in July

2015-07-24 033
Daughter about to wield an Axe (it is of the rubbery variety of course, no real axes)

On the weekend the family headed off to our First Hogswatch in July.  What’s that I hear you ask?

It’s an annual festive village fair run by Brisbane Arts Theatre (since 2013) based upon the Discword novels  of Terry Pratchett.

This year they used the Pozible Platform to raise some funds to hire a petting zoo, trophies for prizes (hammer throwing,cabbage throwing, costume and obstacle race).  It’s great that they did because it didn’t cost anything to enter the fair, watch the Morris Dancing or enter any of the competitions.

They were also sponsored by a few organisations, and I just loved that one of the sponsors was a Funeral place! Classic and in keeping with the novels.

Brisbane Arts Theatre is Brisbane’s home of the performing arts, with a long history of staging adaptions of Sir Terry Pratchett’s cult Discworld novels.  Later in the year they are staging Mort (22nd August -3rd October).

These novels are set in an alternative reality where the world is flat, resting on the shoulders of four cosmic sized elephants standing on the back of an impossibly large turtle swimming through space.

The absolute highlight for my children was the Weefreeman signing them up for the axe throwing competition.  My youngest ended up winning the junior section in a play off of a tied place. Exciting stuff.

As for my daughter she loved the steam punk inspired clothes and jewelry and enjoyed buying up at some of the stalls (goggles was the main thing she acquired).

We didn’t stay for the whole day, but there was something for every age and the program ran from 10am until 4pm.  With crafts, obstacle races for Witches and Wizards, a costume competition, photo booths and a tribute book to the dear Sir Terry Pratchett.

Before we left we took our daughter to have a photograph with Mort.  She wore her brand new goggles! A print of this is on the way in the mail.

(I heard there are Steam Punk Morning Teas in Town. Anyone with more details please let me know.)

In Character
My son with the Weefreeman
He won!


Morris Dancing



Cake Stall
2015-07-24 061
Wizard Trophy

You can find out more at their facebook and website.

Mort is on 22nd August to the 3rd of October.