A Mentor’s Journey

  When you mentor you are working towards giving someone independence to achieve his or her own dream. You are not doing for, but inspiring someone to action. I made the short film above, inspired by Danielle’s dream for a dance drama where she danced both parts. She wanted to make a film called ShadowContinue reading “A Mentor’s Journey”

The Seeds of Dance – poetry in film projects

  I have quite a few small experimental films, which were originally to practice editing. Some of them are now useful in providing the basis for poetry films and feel worthy of a polish and share. At the moment I am working on doing my poetry as short films. Many of these will be fromContinue reading “The Seeds of Dance – poetry in film projects”

Looking For My Next Documentary

Click here to see trailer Blackbirding The ‘happening-now -cyclone’, Marcia, has let me know that my next documentary will¬† definitely not be about cyclone recovery. I can let go of that ‘natural disaster recovery theme.’ After Yasi – Finding the Smile Within is there for anyone that wants to read it and walk in theContinue reading “Looking For My Next Documentary”