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Early sunset autumn Early autumn and our sun begins setting around five. We head out for a walk before the evening chill sets in. My youngest son and daughter walk, then run, then walk. Youngest is speedy, fluid, fast – he loves to run but not in competitions…

Shoeful of Rain

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Shoes and Blossoms – June Perkins “A shoeful of rain. a heart full of friendship: imagining a world connected with strands of love.” Above are some thoughts after meeting up with a friend at a cafe to talk about life, art, dreams – in our extremely busy schedules.…

Writing Empowerments: Ink from Ochre Extract

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Ong argues that writing can “enrich the human psyche, enlarge the human spirit, intensify its interior life.” [1]  In other words writing can be moulded to fit those who use it, and can extend rather than diminish subjectivity and intersubjectivity.   Max Van Manen describes the power of writing:…

Dancing on Air

  I loved watching Fred and Ginger dance. Late at night I would watch old movies waiting for the impressive scene with the big dance number where they would tap, and twirl. I wanted to trip the light of elegance and rhythm. But I never shared that with anyone. My mother took my youngest brotherContinue reading “Dancing on Air”

Blog Custodians

Today I’ve been working on a story about a trip I made to Kiribati when I was in my twenties to include in my memoir. I had been thinking about this experience a lot lately and vivid memories of some of the incredible people I met have been resurfacing. I’ve been particularly thinking about howContinue reading “Blog Custodians”