Bolt of Talent: Lessons in the Making of a Champion

Today’s blog continues my interest in running.  This morning I was inspired by watching the fastest 100 metres final ever,  seven finalists ran under 10 seconds. I don’t profess to be a professional sports writer, but there is something about Usain Bolt’s achievement that can inspire us all and something magical about today’s final thatContinue reading “Bolt of Talent: Lessons in the Making of a Champion”

Brain Food – sites for parents and educators

blueearthOriginally uploaded by gumbootspearlz. There are many resources available on the internet to support the education of children. It is overwhelming at times to navigate it all.  A few good key words and off I go. When I find a good site I bookmark it to try to remember to visit again. Whilst looking for someContinue reading “Brain Food – sites for parents and educators”