STEM – Making Room For Girls

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? 11 October is Ada Lovelace Day, a commemoration the plucky Nineteenth Century woman who pioneered computer programming. Ada was the daughter of brooding poet Lord Byron. Ada’s mother, who feared her daughter would inherit some of her father’s flamboyant poetic tendencies, put Ada on a strict diet of mathematics…

The Powers of Paper with Renee Farrant

Today’s special guest is Renee Farrant, a paper sculptor. Renee Farrant’s art practice solely utilises paper, relying on self-taught hand cutting and paper-folding techniques. Working full-time from her studio outside Albany (WA), her preference for the paper-medium stems from an interest to create artistic expressions from everyday materials. Farrant believes that art has an importantContinue reading “The Powers of Paper with Renee Farrant”

The Creative Power of Restrictions

Originally posted on Ali Stegert:
There’s nothing quite as daunting as a blank page. Gasp! That void could be filled with anything. Or everything. Or nothing. The emptiness stymies. It taunts. It goads. According to Stephen Sondheim, restrictions can unleash creativity. It seems counter-intuitive. Absolute freedom seems as if it should loosen us up, but…

What did you write about when you were little?

Love this post from Mel where she sees some letters from her and siblings to their grandmother. She asks, ‘What did you write about when you were little?’ Melinda J. Irvine It seems in  my case, not very much. Arriving at my parent’s house a few days ago and mum pulls out a heap of scrapbooks of herContinue reading “What did you write about when you were little?”