How to use Silly to Cope with a Natural Disaster

Today I flew in to Jedda Bradley’s facebook space for a chat. It was bucket loads of fun – the full interview mentions reality tv, chocolate, guinea pigs, chainsaws, and Hamish and Andy.   To read why visit  Jedda Bradley’s Artist Page.  Here is a short extract. Chatting with Jedda Ten BIG, medium and tiny QuestionsContinue reading “How to use Silly to Cope with a Natural Disaster”

Make Me Look Beautiful: Challenges of Documentary Photography

Why would some people rather eat brussel sprouts with mustard and peanut butter than have a photograph taken? Why do some people hug the camera as it if was their dearest long lost primary school friend that they haven’t seen in thirty years? Is it simply that some people think they break the camera glassContinue reading “Make Me Look Beautiful: Challenges of Documentary Photography”

Imagining the Cast of Seinfield in Murray Upper

What can you do when it’s so wet and humid that every piece of material in your house smells like ten pairs of dried up socks rolled in blue vein cheese and hung like streamers at a birthday party for the grouch on Sesame Street? What do you do, when you feel like you’ve beenContinue reading “Imagining the Cast of Seinfield in Murray Upper”