Your Thought Will Spread


This photo attempts to portray a thought, spiritual and positive, beginning its journey.
This month’s contribution to Nineteen Months
Head to that site if you want to view some more inspiring meditation images and explore the quotes that go with them.
Especially look out for the images from Dan Jones and Adib Amini, but truly I just love all of the work of contributing photographers.
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Nineteen Months

What every writer wants . . .

First posted on facebook  on Monday, 18 April 2011 at 07:23

A time and space to write

Virginia said ‘ A room of ones own’

But sometimes that’s not always possible

A cafe, a library with an occasional retreat

can suffice for many

A flow of words to page

Or at least some days

where the words flow to page

even if it’s a trickle

would be appreciated by most

(& some say a flood might be full of too many words

quality counts as much as quantity)

To know what it is they want to say

& to say it in the best way they possibly


some procrastinate & edit for years

whilst others are quick & slick

with a novel every few months…

although perhaps then some writers mostly

want the opportunity to keep writing

even if it’s not memorable at all

Deep down I think most writers want

Unforgettable images

& characters to cry & laugh with

& which may be contentious

but seldom boring

unless they need to be

A way to make the plot seem natural &


&  shape their memoir into patterns

that astound

even if there was no mountain climbed

or celebrity status to speak of

Something to trigger an idea

from one image into a novel or entire poem

sometimes the event is chosen

& sometimes it chooses writers

like Yasi went & chose a lot of us

from the Cassowary Coast

Readers … maybe not all writers want readers

but I think most do

They are an audience to share

the characters, stories, plots, images

that run around chattering in their head

& want to be seen

&not hidden in a private online blog

or stowed away hand written diary

I am less certain but know some writers


A  little bit of debate

others just want therapy on a page

or to be centre stage

with their latest best seller

some want to scare you

& others will come dine with you

Mick calls artists introverted extraverts

who create and then want to do performances

of their creations to astound you

they need their space

to create

but they crave your attention

at set periods of time

by appointment

They ask you to witness

read, watch & listen to their words

Well that’s what I think every writer wants

feel free to WRITE your response

(c) June Perkins, all rights reserved.

Unity Feet


The Unity Feet installation completed during National Poetry Week is reinstalled at the Enviro Centre, C4 Mission Beach.

There are many wonderful creations of words and drawings of children reflecting on their virtues and how to care for the world, its animals and natural environment and themselves.



This will be on display until December 7th so if you are passing Mission Beach go in and have a look.

More of the poetry ripple wall is on display at the Tourism information centre in Tully and also at the Mission Beach library.

‘Unity Feet’





Such majesty- Divine Springtime

Image – June Perkins

Glory to Thee, O my God! The first stirrings of the spring of Thy grace have appeared and clothed Thine earth with verdure. The clouds of the heaven of Thy bounty have rained their rain on this City within whose walls is imprisoned Him Whose desire is the salvation of Thy creatures. Through it the soil of this City hath been decked forth, and its trees clothed with foliage, and its inhabitants gladdened. The hearts of Thy dear ones, however, will rejoice only at the Divine Springtime of Thy tender mercies, whereby the hearts are quickened, and the souls are renewed, and the trees of human existence bear their fruits.

Baha’u’llah Prayers and Meditations, CXVII

Today is a day to think about divine springtimes, renewal and the growth of spirituality in the world. After days and days of rain the sun has been shining, warming up the pool water, and working its way into everyone’s bones. Perhaps its a little too hot- the heat is searing and everyone longs for a bit of shade.

This is where the trees are so wonderful. All the drains have dried up and the floods have gone. It is strange to feel as if one is afloat on an ark. Everywhere one looks the world is in turmoil. It is disturbing to watch the news and see so many sinking ships. Compassion comes out and floats out in the ocean.

Divine springtime like a beacon is shining- through the branches- from the skies.