Beyond Prejudice

I refuse to see myself through your eyes to let your lens become my disguise. I won’t give in to its stereotype. I won’t become your lie. My wish for freedom will not die. You strip me back to my bones classify me by skin tones. I am more than my skin; If you lookContinue reading “Beyond Prejudice”

Grass Skirt

Kilt clan patterns Mother’s hands twisting string for homemade video to keep tradition strong Once made from plants now plastic too Scratching identity from legs to ankles Calling out for head dress and for beads Bare feet beating dance on earth Sway and swish Past, present and future steps Given by my mother to sayContinue reading “Grass Skirt”

Magic Fish Dreaming interview

You can read an Interview with Ali Stegert on Magic Fish Dreaming HERE. “Magic Fish Dreaming is a children’s picture book project written by my friend and crit-buddy June Perkins and illustrated by Helene Magisson. Today, I interview the author about her beautiful work and her dream of bringing the project to fruition. A DreamyContinue reading “Magic Fish Dreaming interview”

Highlights of 2015

It has been a brilliant year. These are just a few significant photo highlights, taken by and with various members of my family and friends. Birthdays, book launches, engagements, visitors, writing group,  arts exhibitions and arts events. A special thanks to my super busy friends who still make time to catch up for a coffeeContinue reading “Highlights of 2015”